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This Karate GI the traditional uniform used for Kyokushin Karate practice lessons and tournament competitions. It is made with very comfortable and hard wearing cotton fabric.

PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is for the Karate GI ONLY. No belt is included with this GI. Traditionally, the student will receive his/her white belt after their first lesson once joining our dojo as a member. As the student advances in our Kupa International Martial Arts syllabus, the student will be given different belts as they achieve success in advancing levels.

How to select the size of your Karate GI:

We strongly advise members of our dojo to come to our dojo and have a personal fitting. This is to ensure that you receive the correct size for yourself and your child. (And parents for you to select a Karate GI that will grow with your child for a year or so)

For those wishing to buy replacement Karate GI, please view our sizes below:

How to care for your Karate GI:

Your Karate GI is to be worn with pride and MUST be clean whenever attending any lessons at our dojo. If there are any stains on your Karate GI, please use stain remover eg wonder soap, friend spray etc. to help remove the stain before you wash in the light colours load cycle of your laundry. Cold wash is recommended. Do not dry clean or place in hot dryer, as the logo and writing on your Karate GI may become damaged.

How to care for your Karate Belt:

DO NOT MACHINE WASH YOUR BELTS ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED TIPS FROM YOUR TIP TESTS. Hand wash only when required. DO NOT dry clean or place in the dryer.

Help! How do I tie my belt?

Sempai Te has prepared a tutorial video to help you prepare for your karate lesson:

Do I need a covid19 'My Vaccine Pass' to visit the dojo for lessons or 'Click and Collects'?

Yes, we require everyone that comes on site to show proof of their 'My Vaccine Pass' BEFORE they enter the dojo. If you are unvaccinated and purchase items from our online store, please select delivery option for your purchase. 'Click and Collect's are unavailable for unvaccinated members of the public.

Where is the 'Click and Collect' option location. And when can I collect my order?

You can collect your order from our dojo. Our processing time of your order is 48 hours after the time of your purchase. Collection can be made during our dojo business hours on Wednesdays. 'Click and Collect' orders are on Wednesdays between 12.:30pm - 3:30pm.

Please note: we are not open on public holidays.