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For more info on these classes, please click on the links below:

Mini Warriors - 3 year - 4 year olds Click HERE 

Little Warriors - 5 years - 9 years Click HERE

Dragons - 10 years - 13 years old Click HERE

Adult Karate Black Belt Programme - 14 years - Adults Click HERE

Teens/Adults Kickboxing Programme - 12 years old - Adult Click HERE




S.W.A.T - Special Winning Attitude Team (Open age)

The S.W.A.T (Special Winning Attitude Team) is a 12 month programme designed to develop our future instructors within the Dojo. We carefully choose the student that has potential to further enhance, and eventually be trained as an 'Assistant Instructor' and 'Instructor'.

BBC Programme - Black Belt Club (Open age)

The BBC (Black Belt Club) programme is by invitation only for the elite student within Kupa International Martial Arts. The master instructor (Shihan Tom Kupa) chooses where he sees potential in the student. The BBC meet up bi-monthly for special one-off curriculum training not offered in regular classes e.g. Weapons/Bo/Nunchucks. They have the opportunity to achieve and enter S.W.A.T.