How do I get my first 2 lessons FREE?

It's super easy! Just phone, or message us so we can let you know of our lesson times that is best for your age group (or your child's age group). Come dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and bring a pair of socks to wear (we don't wear shoes on the dojo floor). Join in two of our lessons, and have a go to see if our dojo is the right fit for you. Don't forget your water bottle too.


What type of lessons do you offer?

We offer Karate for all ages from 3 years upwards, Kickboxing (mixed gender), Women's Kickboxing, Women's Self Defense, and also Special Needs karate lessons. For find out more in-depth information about these classes, please click HERE.

What type of Karate is this?

Our form of karate that we teach is Kyokushin Karate. Kyokushin Karate is a full-contact martial art. For more information about our history of style of karate, please refer to the OUR HISTORY page under the ABOUT US area tab on our website.

What is the wording and symbol on the karate GI, and what does it mean?

The Kanku

The symbol of Kyokushin Karate is the Kanku. It is derived from the Kanku Kata, sky gazing form. In this Kata the hands are raised to scan the sky and the symbol is formed.

The points of the Kanku represent the fingers and imply the ultimate's or peaks, the thick sections represent the wrists and imply power. The centre represents infinity, implying depth. The whole Kanku is based and enclosed by a circle, representing continuity and circular action.

Kyokushin Karate begins and ends with points and circles in which lies the strength and the life of the system.

The Kyokushin-Kai Kanji (Calligraphy)

The characters for Kyokushin-Kai, found on the dogi (training karate GI uniform) of members worldwide. These characters were originally painted by Haramotoki Sensei, calligraphy master and friend of Sosai Mas Oyama.

The Meaning:

Kyoku = Ultimate or Extreme
Shin = Truth or Reality
Kai = Society, Join, Associate

So the KYOKUSHINKAI means Society seeking or searching for the the Ultimate Truth.

What does the words and language that you use mean?

We understand for new members (and parents) it can be a bit overwhelming with the language that we use. So let's break some of the common phrases used here at our dojo:

Kancho: Our president of Kyokushin Karate worldwide.

Sosai: Our founder of our style of Karate.

Shihan: Master Instructor

Sensei: Senior Instructor

Sempai: Instructor

Ous: A way of saying “yes”, or to acknowledge you have understood something or someone.

Counting in Japanese: The instructor will be counting 1 - 10 in Japanese for exercise techniques. This is the traditional way of counting in Kyokushin karate.

I loved the lessons! How do I sign up for more classes?

We have some simple forms to fill in for you to enroll yourself or your child, and then you are good to go. Super simple, easy and fast.

What are the class lesson's timetables?

To view the karate timetable, click HERE

To view the kickboxing timetable, click HERE

To view other classes timetable (e.g. women's self defense, by appointment only 1-on-1 lessons, or our special warriors classes), click HERE

How do I tie the karate belt?

Don't stress, we have that covered, here is our Sempai Te with a tutorial to help you.

Do I have to wear the GI uniform each time I come for a lesson?

Yes, all members are to wear their GI uniforms with pride. It is a way of showing respect to your instructor, and the dojo as well. Some of our karate members wear a black kupa international t-shirt instead of the GI top. This is an optional extra of our karate uniform. But the GI pants and belt MUST be worn at all times during lessons. When karate members are in our Dragons class and upwards, they MUST wear their full GI top and bottom for belt gradings. 

How do I keep my GI white? What happens if there are stains on it?

All students must maintain their GI uniform and wash it regularly. Please use a stain remover eg wonder soap, friend spray etc. to remove stains. DO NOT MACHINE WASH YOUR BELT ONCE YOU HAVE TIPS ON. Hand wash your belt only. 

Can I wear a t-shirt under my GI?

Yes you can, but please try and wear only a white singlet or t-shirt. Many of our female members feel more comfortable wearing a t-shirt under their GI for modesty. During tournaments, only a white t-shirt or singlet (to be worn under the GI) will be accepted due to strict tournament dress codes.

My GI pants and sleeves are too long. Do I roll them up?

We request that our members hem up the sleeves and pants to the correct length. As your child/teen grows, you can then adjust the GI in the future. This will help your GI to grow with your child/teen and save you money.

Opps! I can't make it to the lesson next week due to an appointment or family event. What do I do?

Don't stress. Just inform the staff in the office, your instructor, or Shihan the week before. You can arrange to attend a different lesson day, so you still get your two lessons that week.

I forgot classes this week and didn't show up. Do I still have to pay?

Our dojo is similar to gym memberships, you still need to pay regardless if you attend or not.

I noticed some stars on the karate members uniform, what is that about?

Great question! These are our 'star of the day' achievement stars that a karate student members in Mini Warriors & Little Warriors have earned. They earned the achievement star for trying their hardest, and had a positive attitude in the lesson. After the karate student member is awarded with 5 matching coloured stars, they get a reward. There are different coloured stars for different rewards for their achievements. For further information, please check out our notice board at the dojo.

Karate members that are in the Dragons classes have their own reward system, and will be granted a 'caught been good' little certificate, and also awarded a star.

Parents/guardians are requested to hand stitch the stars onto the collar of the GI.

What are the patches about?

The yellow patches are part of our syllabus here at Kupa International Martial Arts (similar to those in a Scouts Club). This is only awarded if the student has past their fitness tip test in skills that they have learnt for that level.

There are other patches that our karate members can be awarded, such as black belt club for elite karate members. SWAT Member patch (Karate members that are currently being trained up to be karate instructors eg Junior Sempai). 

Do you deliver internationally?

No sorry, we do not deliver any of the shop items internationally. We only deliver New Zealand wide.

Where is the 'Click and Collect' option location. And when can I collect my order?

You can collect your order from our dojo. Our processing time of your order is 48 hours after the time of your purchase. Collection can be made during our dojo business hours ONLY ON Wednesdays. 'Click and Collect' orders are on Wednesdays between 12.:30pm - 3:30pm. 

Please note: we are not open on public holidays. If you order during the time of public holidays, your order will be processed within 48hrs time after the public holiday.

When will my delivery order arrive?

Generally, we ask our customers to allow 2 - 3 days delivery for local (Hawke's Bay), 3-5 days for the North Island, and 5 - 7 days for the South Island, or Rural addresses. Please understand that there maybe delays during public holidays or Covid19 restricts. Our friendly couriers are working hard to get your delivery to you as fast as possible.

Do you deliver to a rural address?

Yes, we do. But we can not deliver to Stewart Island, Great Barrier Island or Chatham Islands. Our courier service does not service those areas.

Do you combine postage?

Yes, we try and combine postage whenever we can. However, depending on the size of your order, additional delivery charges may occur then our normal flat rate delivery fee. For example, bulk orders purchased may exceed our flat rate delivery fee due to the weight & size of the package, this may result in additional delivery charges. These additional charges will be calculated during the checkout process.

How do I know if the clothing fits?

Our merch clothing is in New Zealand clothes sizes, for women's, kids, and men's clothes. Our unisex adult clothing is in NZ men's clothing size. If unsure of the size you require, we encourage people to buy the next size up for added comfort.

We encourage those that are new to our dojo to come in for a fitting to get the correct size Karate GI or Kickboxing Uniform. For Karate GI uniform, please consult the size guide below:

For tournament gear, please refer to the size guide below:

What is your Refund Policy?

We do not offer a returned policy due to hygiene reasons. We strongly encourage members to be fitted for the Karate GI uniform, kickboxing uniform, or tournament gear with the help of one of our friendly dojo staff members. 

Our refund policy covers faulty items ONLY. Customers/members must provide their receipt when returning faulty products. This policy does NOT cover misuse of the item, general wear and tear of the item with any item. Our refund policy will include a replacement (if available) or a refund of the said item in the amount of your purchase price of the faulty item.

Do you share any of my customer information with any third party?

We do not share ANY of our customers/members personal information with any third party unless our customer/member of dojo requests for us to do so. All personal information on this website is protected under the NZ Privacy Act 2020.

What is your shipping policy if my package is late getting to me?

We are unable to control delivery delayed packages due to public holidays, or in an event of covid19 delivery delayed packages with pandemic lockdowns (or covid19 level changes). Please be mindful of holiday time delayed delivery times during high peak delivery times of the year. We can not guarantee that a desired item will arrive to in time if ordered before/during holidays.

Can I use my BBC discount code on the online store?

No sorry, to receive the BBC discount, our members will need to purchase their items at the dojo via the office.