K.I.M.A Waimarama Camp 14th Oct - 16th Oct

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Our annual K.I.M.A camp is BACK!

Reserve your spot today! LIMITED spaces available. First in 1st served! We have a limit of 80 people ONLY (This includes Overnight Campers & Day Campers, as well as parents attending with their children)

Our pre registration sheets will be on our noticeboard for those wanting to reserve their spots from NEXT WEEK.

This camp is open to ALL dojo members. Kickboxers & Karate members.

The camp is designed for in-depth training and preparation for the upcoming tournament in Rotorua in Saturday 5th November. 
  • Training workshops
  • Team building exercises
  • Weapon training.

Parents, if your child is not confident with sleepovers, then they are more than welcome to come to camp as a DAY CAMPER for the full 3 days. Parents are welcome to stay at the camp with their child as OVERNIGHT CAMPERS, and learn more aspects of your child's karate trainings too. Bunk beds are provided for OVERNIGHTERS. However, the parent attending the camp needs to pay the adult cost of the camp.

Fundraising will be available to help keep costs down. Food for catering of the 3 days at camp is welcome too.  For more information, please attend the upcoming Camp meeting (that will be announced in the near future), or contact Shihan.

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