Covid19 Phase 3

Posted by Michelle Healey on

Now that New Zealand is in phase 3 with our fight against covid19, we ask our dojo members to:

- Stay home if you (or your child) are unwell with symptoms of covid19. We know sharing is caring, but not with bugs/flu please. We encourage those with covid19 symptoms to get a test.

- Please inform us if you or your family member have come down with covid19. Honesty is the best policy.

- We will notify members of our dojo if they have attended a class with dojo member, who is now isolating with having covid19 (or a close contact). For privacy reasons, their name will NOT be mentioned.

- If you are notified, please self monitor yourself or your child for symptoms. This notification will be done by email, or txt. If you have changed these recently, please update your contact details.

- Support parents/family, please continue to wear a mask while watching your family member at the dojo. Continue to distance space when seated.

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