Covid19 Level Red update for our dojo.

Posted by Michelle Healey on

As many and you are already aware, New Zealand is moving to traffic light system🚦 RED tonight at midnight.But we are happy to say that it is still business as usual for us at our dojo.

However, there are some strict rules that we have to follow. Many of which our dojo family are already doing anyway:

  • Dojo members MUST wear socks to their classes.
  • Please bring your water bottles. 
  • Family members/friends that are watching MUST wear masks and seat distance spaced.
  • We must sight ALL my vaccine passes for members and family/friends that come to our dojo that are 12 years and over.
  • Please scan in with our QR code at the door.
  • For unvaxed family, still the same rule, please drop off and pick up at the entrance at the base of the stairs.

Don't forget that we have moved to our new dojo. 112 Market Street North, Hastings.

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